Clean-Up Albany’s Corruption

For years, Albany politicians have been living by a different set of rules and laws than you and me. Our state legislature has been plagued with dishonest and corrupt politicians – from covering-up numerous sexual harassment scandals, to politicians taking bribes because of their positions, and legislators failing to speak out against status-quo leadership. Every time we turn around, there is another legislator being indicted or investigated for fraudulent actions and nefarious activities. Where are the integrity, honesty, and accountability that should be at the forefront of public service when representing the public?

As a former Deputy U.S. Marshal with over 30 years of law enforcement experience, Pete Vroman worked on numerous fraud investigations, where he acted on federal arrest warrants freezing and seizing bank accounts and funds based on illegal activities. Pete has been in public service his whole life – protecting and serving families, communities, and our nation. Pete will hold politicians accountable for their indiscretions by restoring public trust, integrity, and accountability in state government.

New Yorkers deserve a government that is held accountable. Term limits and pension forfeiture bills that include ALL convicted politicians who abused their positions should be enacted. We must also end pay-to- play politics and bid-rigging, which give preferential treatment to businesses that donate to political campaigns.

Providing a Quality Education

DSC_0384 - Version 2The father of six children, Pete Vroman knows that our children’s education comes first. He knows firsthand the stress caused by the Common Core Learning Standards and the impact they leave on the quality of our children’s education.

That’s why Pete supports a better road map to reforming state education policy and getting New York’s education system back on track. Pete believes that education policy should be made at the local level, not by unelected bureaucrats who think cookie-cutter curriculum to our children’s education is the best approach.

Economic Opportunity and Prosperity

Albany’s high taxes, burdensome mandates and regulations have made New York State one of the least business-friendly states in the country.DSC_9321

These disastrous policies have not only made it more difficult for local businesses to grow and create jobs, but they have also limited the opportunities of middle-class families. Raising six kids, Pete Vroman knows how important it is to raise a family and give them all the opportunities possible to be successful and the choice to raise their own families here in New York State, not other states.

To create greater economic opportunities for our families, communities and businesses, Pete Vroman is supporting a comprehensive jobs plan that seeks to radically alter the state’s woeful business climate and foster serious job growth, providing families with the opportunities they need to succeed and stay in New York.

View the job plan Pete supports to grow our economy here:

A More Affordable New York

DSC_9495New York State is the highest-taxed state in the nation, as it collects the largest amount of income and property-taxes per person in the entire country. Raising a big family, Pete Vroman understands the financial stresses experienced by New Yorkers and what it is like to make ends meet. Every year, families are hit with ever rising prices at the pump, grocery bills, utility bills, property-taxes, and the costs of putting kids through college. The impact of the state’s tax policies has had its greatest effect on New York’s shrinking middle-class, forcing families to relocate elsewhere in search of greater opportunities.

To address this issue, and make New York State a more affordable place to live for hardworking families, Pete Vroman supports bold proposals to increase residents’ take-home pay and provide New Yorkers with real financial relief. The plan is as follows:

– Doubling the STAR property-tax exemption for all homeowners, a move that would save the average homeowner an additional $700 annually and seniors $1,300 and would help toward unexpected spikes in utility and home heating bills during the winter seasons; and

– A 30 percent income-tax rate cut on families making less than $300,000 per year, which would save each middle-class taxpayer an average of $1,033 annually and help towards a child’s college education.

Protecting the Second Amendment

The NY SAFE Act was expedited through a “message of necessity” and passed in the middle of the night with little debate or public and professional input. Pete Vroman firmly believes that this law is a symbol for everything that is wrong with the RLR_5381current state government and that politicians in New York were too swift to trample on the rights of law-abiding firearm owners, point the finger and implement restrictive laws that fail to address public safety, while at the same time infringing on our constitutional rights – politics trumped common sense.

The law also had a negative impact on the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industries that are an important part of our local economy, costing the region jobs and opportunities for local growth.

As a U.S. Marshal, Pete Vroman protected our country and constitutional rights. As your assemblyman, he will do the same, and will work to repeal the NY SAFE Act and fight any additional measures that would further seek to erode New Yorkers’ Second Amendment Rights.